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Trips & Excursions

The students of the school go on field trips, picnics and educational excursions every year. These trips provide students firsthand experience in learning and also infuse good values and team sprits in them. A few select students from 8, 9 and 10 class went on an educational tour to NASA in April 2010. The duration of this trip was for 11 days. The students had the opportunity to visit New York for 3 days and the next 6 days were spent in Orlando, Florida, where they visited Cape Canaveral, which houses the Kennedy Space Center, where the students learnt about space travel. The students also had an edutaining experience at Disney theme parks and SeaSea World, celebrating the Year of the Youth in a novel way.

Field Trips: are a constant source of knowledge for our students, who realize that if we don’t respect and protect our heritage present in the environment, we run the risk losing them forever.