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Scholastic Book Fair

Every year in the month of January, the Scholastic Book Fair comes to our school. We can feel the atmosphere charged up! There are special browsing sessions where you can spend as much time as you like looking at the books so that students can make up their minds on which books they really want. Not only does the book fair contain hundreds of books, including the best and latest titles at the most affordable prices, there are also reading-related activities—author talks and readings, literary quizzes, creative writing, games— conducted around the fair so that children can partake of the magic of books.

The book fair is divided into three segments according to reading levels. There are also special schemes to make books more affordable. Even parents are a part of the whole experience.

The selection of books is also regularly updated to include the latest children’s books which are making news in India and abroad. There are also theme fairs where children can enjoy special selections on different categories of their interest. Scholastic Book Fairs offer great benefits for children, parents, and schools:

Student Workshops: Experts are invited to train students in a variety of coping skills and behavioral management that give students a cutting edge to develop their potentials. Mind mapping, reading clubs, dynamic memory, managing change, aggression, and anger are a few of these.