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Mini-Tennis Tournament

Our school has introduced the mini Tennis programme managed by Free Mount Sports, Mysore. It is specially designed for children in the age group of 6-12 years. It is a programme which involves introducing Tennis as a game to young children in a fun and active way. By using scaled down equipment and playing surfaces, children learn to enjoy the game very quickly. The equipment used is specifically made to suit the needs of children in the above mentioned age group. The court is also a scaled down version with dimensions of 20 X 40 feet and a net which is two feet high with any flat hard surface sufficing as a court.

The objective of this programme is to introduce tennis to youngsters giving them a chance to at least try out the game, at the same time inculcate the importance of physical fitness among them at a very early age. It is also expected that by broadening the base of Tennis in the country, the overall standard of tennis will improve helping in nurturing world class players.