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The Joy of Giving Week

  • The school is celebrating the joy of giving week in school from 26 September to 31 September2013. In connection with this programme, a guest lecture was arranged for students of VI,VII, VIII, IX and X Standards in the Symposium Hall of the School.
  • The speaker on the occasion was Smt. Radha Kannan, an Associate Project Manager from Aries Global, Mysore, who works as a volunteer for PFA ( People For Animals) at Mysore.
  • The Guest spoke to the students about the importance of animals in our ecosystem. She highlighted the plight of stray and abandoned animals in the city and stressed the importance of empathy and compassion towards such animals without shelter.
  • A PPT presentation showing animals in their natural state was watched by the students. They enjoyed the slide show and took a pledge to protect animals and rehabilitate them.