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The JSS SJCE School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
English is the medium of instruction.

Language Arts

The programme (CBSE curriculum) integrates the following five focus areas, seeking to weave an integrated fabric of literacy skills and strategies. Languages taught include English, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit.


Guided reading; independent reading; literature circles; direct, contextualized instruction of phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension strategies; exposure to wide variety of genre, teacher conferences to assess growth and understanding.


Independent writing using the circle of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, contextualized instruction in the mechanics and craft of writing, learning about and writing narrative, expository, informational and everyday functional text, and word study (strategic spelling, phonics, vocabulary instruction).


Small and whole group discussions, collaborative and individual speaking activities, direct instruction in the speaking strategies and the conventions of the English Language.


Developing listening comprehension through discussion, writing, projects, following directions, recall information, direct instructions of listening strategies that develop students’ ability to make judgments, summarize, evaluate analyze and hypothesize.


Use of graph, maps, pictures, illustrations, photographs to facilitate learning, use of media to facilitate and demonstrate learning and activities and discussions which examine, interpret, evaluate the impact of a variety of media on learning and knowing, direct instruction in viewing strategies that facilitate visual literacy.


The mathematics programme is based on the CBSE standards. The following strands are interconnected components of our whole Mathematics curriculum: problem solving, algebra, patterns, probability, data analysis, spatial sense, geometry, measurement, and number operation.


The JSSPS science programme shares the vision of the CBSE and also the core curriculum content standards.

Life science

Students observe the basic structure and function of plants and animals, while observing student created projects and other Science tools.

Physical Science

Working with electrical circuits, designing experiments, isolation of variables and developing an understanding of the physical science concepts.

Earth Science

Infused through to all experiences are opportunities to develop scientific enquiry, observation, data collection and experimentation that develop an understanding in which scientific investigations can take many forms. Investigations are all framed in the form of “testable” questions. Students understand science through discussion, journal entries and independent projects.

Special area courses

These are required courses offered in rotation that allow student exploration of specialized areas in music, art, health, computer and literary and physical education. Sports and Physical Education are an integral part of the curriculum and training is provided in all major sports and games.

Social Studies/Social Science

The social studies programme aligns with both national and state standards. The overarching goal of the social studies programme is to provide students with the content and skills necessary to effectively participate in the democratic society. Each grade level weaves geography, economics, history, civics, culture and social studies skills into the context of Indian history. The students learn and demonstrate their knowledge through the integration of speaking, listening, reading, writing and technology.