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INTERACT CLUB ACTIVITY:-“Service to Humanity is Service to God”

The school’s core belief that a value based creative and focussed mind is the source of all power leads to an education beyond academics. The school’s vision is to mould young minds into community leaders is already gaining a strong foothold. Students are actively involved in several activities that sensitize community as a whole. The ‘Prayas’ takes place through community service, field work on issues like nature conservation, campus cleanliness drive, child labour, charity walks, each one serve another, feature prominently in our list of activities.

The JSSPS, through our Interact club activity visited the old age home at little sisters of the poor. We participated in giving gifts to the inmates of the home. We were touched by their affection, the stories of the senior citizens, to hear the tales of woe. We presented shoes, socks, toothpaste, brushes, soaps and utility items to make their life a little happier for the day.